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estate planning for growing families


Don't spend another day in the dark about what would happen to your children if something happened to you. Spend just one hour at our free estate planning talk on guardianship and how to protect your family.

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We're not traditional bill-by-the-hour attorneys and we're not your traditional law firm. What makes us different is we go far beyond merely "who gets what" - an important question but definitely not the only one. We help you prepare for the exciting and inevitable life changes - because we know your life's going to change and we know the law's going to change. We help you plan not only for your assets but for your children's qualify of life and how they can always know who their parents are no matter what. Our goal is a lifetime relationship, not a one-time transaction. We're innovative and unique, dependable and family-focused.

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"Thank you so very much for all of the guidance you have provided us over the past many weeks! Going through this process was not something we looked forward to but understood the necessity with our little one coming soon. You made this such an easy and non-stressful process & we are very grateful!" ~ Jared & Andrea

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Listen in on Bonnie's radio show! Learn all about why choosing guardian ahead of time is the only way to know for certain what your children's future holds. Wouldn't it give you peace of mind to know? Don't let a probate judge - a stranger - decide. If you're a parent of children counting on you, this is a must-do. Listen in today!

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We are parents and estate planning attorneys serving, collaborating with, and empowering everyone through excellent education and counsel by giving them PEACE OF MIND about the future of their children and loved ones.

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featured in the Denver Post

Wills & Wellness had the honor of being featured in the Denver Post! Local mom and writer Amber Johnson explains why estate planning is so important for young families. "Parents need to protect their children by choosing a guardian and also know how to empower a loved one to make a decision for you when you can't..."  Read more here...